I love black ink I does!!!

Hello! Hope yer’ well.

This week I wanna talk about ink. I love ink. Pencils, paints, and all the other arty gubbins are great, but I’ve always loved watching black ink lines as I draw them. When you see the ink go from a wet liquid to becoming a face, a character, a whole image – it’s Nulshy heaven.

Most of my original drawings are black ink, sometimes over pencils, but mostly black ink on paper. I do digital drawing too, and that is enjoyable in it’s own way, but 9 times out of 10 I am most satisfied with the traditional drawing line work.

There is a point here, honest. Mostly when I colour my drawing book pages I put an ‘ink tint’ over my inks to make them less like the original black ink lines. Gives the image a certain ‘something’. But this week I did a very quick strip (sample panel above) and left the inks as they were and I was really pleased with the results.

Here are this week’s drawing book pages…

…as I was saying I’ve left these with the inks still black too and it works for me! I have versions with both options. Time is a bit tight today, but will look to do a comparison for next week.

Funny, I have been drawing a loooooong time and yet I still get kick out of the most fundamental wee things. Long may that continue.

A quick word on the three drawing book images above:

have to leave” was a dream that was swimming in my head, about living in a slum apartment and the hoards of creepy crawlies living behind every board and wall.

whispers‘ was purely an image I had in my head – jotted it down!

brand new pen‘ was a random drawing. But it was the first drawing with a new pen and the line was really spindly! Usually takes a few drawings before the pen line gets acceptable to me.

This week I also started drawing strips in a smaller page size (A4) with a view to publish a book in the size of novel or Japanese Manga. I was pleased with result, still got a bit to do on it, but it looks like a viable option for efficient comic strip production!

Here’s another panel from that strip!

Bye for now!


Read the whole strip on my Twitter or Instathingy

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