Look! Exclamation marks!!!

Hello! Hope yer’ well!

Let’s get crackin’.

Above is a sketchbook page drawn larger than I usually draw, although working larger seems to be more and more common for me these days. Being in lockdown and no dayjob work anytime soon I have been getting to work on a lot of old stories I have had running around my head (and in drawing books) for many years.

Been working on A3 originals quite a bit. Which is a big upscale for me! As mentioned last week, I have also started another means to produce strips quickly, using A4 originals, but these are not always conducive with publishing requirements.

I slotted in the title ‘Nulsh’s Lunchtime Theatre‘ on a whim. That is the collective title I had for my mini stories I would create on my lunch hour on my day job. Mostly 4 page stories as I would be able to reproduce them in short runs using a photocopier.

4 A4 pages reduced and collated so I could print both sides and create A5 mini comics. Sometimes collected with a card cover. I mostly give these away free at comic marts. I did one collection “Hen’s Teeth” which was well received. I’ll see if I have a copy somewhere!

But with all these stories I am completing I am looking to start publishing under Nulsh’s Lunchtime Theatre again.

And here are this week’s drawing book pages…

… I decided to colour these with colours I don’t normally use. Bright pink and bright orange. And then on “I said Oh” I forgot and used a sorta grey/blue that I sue all the time! Heh heh!

“I said oh!” is a liens from a Feelies song that was playing at the time I was drawing. I do that quite a lot.

Looking at these three drawings they are all spontaneous – just pick up the pen and let it do it’s thing. A lot of the time I start with a face (I love faces) and see where things go. Quite often the face dictates it’s surroundings, which is pretty much true to life I reckons.

See ya’ next week amigo!


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