Do you kiss your mother with that mouth?!

Howdy pardner!

Hello! Happy Saturday!

I normally have these posts done well in advance, but due to a few hectic days I am sat here on a Saturday morning doing the post in real time. Need me some more coffee!

Here’s some drawings from the daily book…

…the normal Nulshy malarkey!

I have been busy with a whole heap of concept work this week. None of which I can post currently. But It had me having to work on digital painting. I don’t normally do much of that and tend to stick to basic colouring, which I personally find really compelling.

Using loads of colours (and layers!) is not my preferred means of working. But I did have a really good time experimenting. Which can be a luxury when presented with deadlines. That said, I am on track, and already starting to get some defined operating practices in place.

On that note: I document these operating practices! It is so easy to forget things you have discovered if these are not utilised on a regular basis, so I jot these steps and pointers down (I use OneNote as it’s cloud based format allows me access from anywhere).

Here’s a random mess about (sorry for the swear!)…

See ya’ next week amigo!


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