Staring at the rude Nulsh!

An excerpt from a sketch page I did this week. Totes odd.

Hello there! How ya’ diddlin’?

So let’s get started with the usual drawing book pages…

…usual malarkey! My daily drawing book now looks really uniform with me adding a ‘frame’ and occasional text with a stencil I picked up on a whim. Quite nice to flick through it.

I am actually only a few pages away from the end of my current book, with it’s replacement waiting in the wings. I often ponder ‘do I need to keep a daily drawing book going?’ – as it was initially intended to ensure I put down an image or an idea every day. But now that I draw so much is it necessary?

The answer is still YES for now. When I flick through the books I stumble across ideas and stories I had completely forgotten about. So it has become not only a discipline but a means of stockpiling ideas.

Wonder if I will still be of the same mind when this next book is finished. A book lasts around 6-7 months (using the books I currently use). We shall see.

I have also been reviewing my ‘promotional’ options – by that I mean posting on Instagram and Twitter. I don’t get a lot of interest via Instagram so I am looking to restrict posts on there to more of a gallery, and potentially create a new account to post strips as it accommodates 10 pages per post. Simon Hanselmann does a great strip with ten panels each post – like a wee episode. Works really well. (Careful, Simon’s work contains adult content! Lots of it)

I’ll keep twitter as is for now, but gonna dial back on posting the daily drawing books pages.

Here is a commission from this week – sorry it’s a tad rude!

Catch you next week amigo!


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