Let’s talk strips!

Star from the Sea (page 1)

Hello there. Gonna focus on strips this week.

Above is the first page from my strip Star from the Sea. I submitted it to Creators for Creators back in May. Don’t think it’s gonna be used so I am looking to publish the whole shebang online. The Creators for Creators idea is great – anything that supports new comics being created gets a thumbs up from this guy!

This particular story came about in a total flash, as I had to get up in the middle of the night to ask my son to shut the fuggup (he was online gaming with his buddies with a headset on and he gets a tad carried away!).

On my groggy way back to my room an idea popped into my head about a fisherman returning home in his boat, he is shaken up after having had a fantastic encounter in the middle of the ocean, and returning with a “gift” from the sea,

The story quickly escalated in my head – with names, set pieces, etc. so I jotted as much as I could in my phone (those Galaxy Note phones are a godsend!). And next morning I made a start on the story. Within two days I had the plot summary, story outline, and the first five pages completed.

Next up is my strip Fear of Thowl which I have had mulling about in my head for years. The Mr. Thowl character actually came about from a poster I did for Lach’s Anti Hoot in Edinburgh.

Fear of Thowl (page1)

It’s quite common for me to draw a character spontaneously and then to start creating stories and situations surrounding them. Which is what happened with Mr. Thowl.

I have loads of pages inked that just need scanned and collated (oh, and tones/colour adding!). I’ve been working with A4 pages for each half of what becomes an A3 original page. It’s a working practice I started for convenience years ago (when I travelled a lot) but has now become my main way of creating strips.

This story should also end up being published online. I am still debating the best options!

Below are some drawings from this week. Drawing book pages and the middle one is a very quick illustration I did in my big sketchbook, featuring Zachary and Mr, Thowl from the above mentioned story.

Take care and I’ll see you back here in a week!

Awra best!


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