Instant Noodles Take Away the Dark

Well howdy!

To business! I published a new strip on my Instagram account this week called “Fear of Thowl“. And it seems to work OK on Instagram, I can post 5 pages split two images from each page (top and bottom) which gives me ten images.

This seems to read quite well – although any feedback would be great – and I am looking to post in 5 page instalments going forward.

In the story I revisit my Instant Noodles Take Away the Dark malarkey, which first appeared in my strip Seeing In the Dark.

The noodles are used to ward of the ‘darkness’ and I am oddly starting to find lots of ways to incorporate them into my Nulshyverse!

They actually stem from my big story The Devil at Pasta & Dry Good (and Other Stories). Which is mostly based in and around a supermarket and used things found there – things like noodles.

I also love instant noodles! The Kimchi ones a current favourite!

Time to boogie amigos, I’ll leave you with a couple of drawing book pages!

Take care.


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