All quiet on the Nulshy front!


Hello folks! Apologies for the lack of posts recently!

I’ve been flat out out and most of what I am working on I cannot post as yet.

Above is a drawing book page – displaying my peculiar aversion to perforated notebook pages! I hates them I does!

And below is a wee warm up doodle I did this morning as I tried to get my son out of his bead and off to work! Stress!!!

Coloured in Gimp in around 20 mins and I have an issue with my Layers – which turned out to be a happy accident. Quite pleased with how this wee doodle turned out.

Quite often great results come from a complete lack of thought!

Heh heh!

Back to proper posts next week! Honest guv!


Yaaaaaaaawn! Sunday mornin’!

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