Accepting the warmth.

Hey! How ya’ doin’?

This week I had to do a whole bunch of digital work (using Clip Studio Paint). As I use drawing software often I am used to them, I especially like Clip Studio Paint.

But I generally feel there is a degree of compromise on the line work – can’t seem to be consistently happy with the digital lines.

But this week I had a bit of a break through. I had a bunch of quick drawings to do (after a LICAF Workshop by the amazing Steven Appleby) and didn’t really think too much about achieving the spontaneous simple lines I crave. On looking at the results I was quite pleased.

So I had a wee splurge of warm up drawings and I am definitely in the happier camper camp now.

The difference here seems more about my attitude than my technique. Blimey!

I still need to get a pen nib I am happier with too. Been thinking about customising them, but that goes against my ethos of “making the most of what is available”!

We shall see.

Bye fer’ now amigos!


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