Fly my pretties! Fly!

Chun the Unavoidable! Scary enough fer’ Halloween?

Greetings mi amigo!

Hope you are all well.

Each week I I try to do a ‘flyer‘ to attract attention to this here blog. And I have grown to really enjoy doing them. Generally I will grab three excerpts selected from the drawings I have done in a given week.

Then it dawned on me I don’t post those flyers here. Time to remedy that amigos. Here are a selection of recent flyers…

So these are set up 600×600 so they are easy to post on Instagram – can sometimes look a bit iffy on Twitter, but you can click into see the whole image on Twitter. No such option on Instagram. I can’t be arsed creating two separate flyers, which I did initially, so I go with this square format.

I quite like them! I’ll post more shortly, I had a clear out recently and binned loads of JPGs.

See you next week for more riveting Nulshy shenanigans!


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