I’ve got the stylus it takes!

What witchcraft is this?!

Hey there!

Hope yer’ well!

Mine is a tale of woe!

Stylus woe!

I may be exaggerating about the woe bit.

My current stylus is wearing down. I’ve had it three years, so no biggy. But I have had no luck sourcing replacement tips. And got a bit pissed that I’d have to buy a completely new stylus.

So in a wee fit of disgruntled-ness I bought a really cheap stylus (with three extra tips! Yass!). I didn’t expect much, but thought I could possibly even use the tips?

The stylus was not great. Compared to my main stylus the pressure sensitivity was poor (feast or famine!), and there seemed to be almost no tilt variance. But the line is precise, definite, and BOLD!

So I have been drawing with it all week. All the drawings here were done with it.

I still am not too happy with the linework, but I feel that way about all digital drawing, but it has been great fun to play with all the nuance and un-subtlety!

Gonna keep using it. Probably get another new stylus too, Just in case!

FYI my missus despairs at my fixation with drawing implements.


Take care amigos, speak soon.


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