Personality Crisis.

Meet P. B. Enjay. Or rather an initial sketch of what Mr. P. B. Enjay might look like.

Unusually for me I am not 100% happy with how this character looks. Normally I start drawing and the characters create themselves, then I normally run with them and see where they are and what they do.

But ol’ P.B. here has become troublesome. He sprang from a dream I had about a young office worker (also a comic creator) who discovers an older colleague of his (our P.B.) is actually a pioneering (but long forgotten) cartoonist.

I’ve drawn him a few times, but so far not getting that ‘snap’ that I’ve nailed it. Problem is I have no visual reference as it was part of a dream. All I gots is a ‘feel’ about the guy.

I do like the Boba Fett clip on the shoestring necktie. I may keep that.

When I nail him I shall post it here.

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