Nulsh’s Lunchtime Theatre

I was messing about with layouts and stuff yesterday and did this cover for Nulsh’s Lunchtime Theatre.

Lunchtime Theatre was the title I used for my collected mini short comic strips back ‘in the day’. At that time (around 20 years ago) I had to commute between Glasgow and Edinburgh every day. Up at 5am Mon to Fri. Was pish!

On the commute, which was the train when I was flush, but mostly the 900 Citylink, I would rough up my story idea for that day.

I got in the habit of creating a 4 page strip each time. Which could be a complete strip or an epsiode for a longer strip.

The reason for 4 pages was that I could reproduce each one on a single sheet of A4 via photocopying. Folded to A5 there would be 4 pages.

The origanl drawings were done on 4 individual A4 sheets which I’d swipe from the photocopier. I would draw them on my lunchbreak. Hence ‘Lunchtime Theatre’.

I’d collect the 4 pagers with a card cover and sell them at zine fares and the like, My first collection was titled ‘Hens Teeth’, which I thought was clever until I realised loads of creators had used that before me.

Anyhoo. I am resurrecting Lunchtime Theatre with the strips I have been accumulating in recent years.

An online offering seems to be the way to go – but I do like seeing my stuff printed.

We shall see.

You’ll be the first to know amigo.

Take it easy.


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