Weekly update(ish!): Sketching on the go with the ol’ moby!

phone doodles

Hello there!

I’ve mentioned this before but this Galaxy Note phone is great for drawing on. I can scribble on the train, at the barber’s, and in the boozer!

The standard ‘Notes’ is perfect for jotting down ideas, roughing out stories, and random sketching. The drawing is really natural.

I am yet to do any finished artwork on the phone – might set that as a wee project*!

Also considering getting the Samsung Galaxy Tablet as I’ve enjoyed using the s-pen so much.

More updates in a day or so.



*Might want to finish more off the outstanding projects first!

Weekly update: A book ends.


Hope yer’ well.

The last week has been up and down and not entirely conducive with creative world domination. “The struggle continues” etc.

Another “Daily Book” bites the dust! A big thing for yours truly. So the current books cover roughly six months of daily ideas, dreams, rambling, and nonsense. Approx 200 pages of drawings.

The books started off as a discipline to keep me on track and have become an invaluable aspect of my creative activity.

New book = happy days! Need to break out a new drawing pen too! Double whammy.

The drawings above are from recent weeks in the newly finished book – one of them being a common occurrence of berating myself for missing any days. I always try to make up any missing days, but for some reason I feel it’s important to use the REAL date any drawings were done.

I occasionally omit any personal notes from these pages when I post them. There were one or two tragic events over this time that I jotted down at the time – and took them out before posting them here. Didn’t realise how many notes I had actually made until I went back through them.

The Hank & Crystal drawing was the start of one of the stories I mentioned last week. More to follow.

See you then!




Weekly update: “Wonder when we’ll be in Dundee.” Here’s a few wee drawings for yer’ perusal.

Hello there!

Bit up in the air this week – what with Christmas etc.

Still filling the drawing books and my phone memory!

Also, have a new strip all laid out ready to start. Which I roughed up on my moby phone whilst spending Chrimbo up in Dundee with the family.

Should be back in the studio tomorrow. This is a personal strip, so I am not tied by any NDAs etc. so I can post progress etc.

The images above are all drawings from the daily book, they are all from my dreams, and all are single colour with a ‘shadow’ tone only. So there’s a theme of sorts.

I luvs drawing I does!

See ya’!


(Oh, and the Dundee quote is a song lyric – Half Past France by John Cale, it reminds be of my son.)

Weekly update: A failed experiment in global domination.

failed experimebt

Well hello there! Hope yer’ well.

So last week I decided to call it a day on my Instagram and Twitter onslaught.

I had been posting on both platforms as much as possible to see if this constant activity (daily for several months) would generate increased interest in all things Nulsh.

I’d had an Instagram account for a while which I had barely posted. A good friend of mine who is all over social networking advised me that Instagram was THE platform to get noticed on.

So I took onboard this advice (and some other wee pointers) to see if I could gain some notice. I played with hashtags and the like (even throwing in things like “#cats” to see if this would benefit me!) and other wee tips to assist me.

Unfortunately I saw no benefit whatsoever (for myself I’d like to stress) on Instagram. In fact likes and views seemed to dwindle as time went on. Instagram still seems to me like a social networking thing – i.e. personal stuff.

I got way more traction on Twitter (best part of 10k views on one post). But it did seem to be less reward than I had expected.

I am not giving up on posting all together, but will need to focus on other areas for now.

Like you lucky folks!

“Every day is a school day!” etc.

See ya’ next week!


Weekly update: Embrace the random oranges.


Hey there! Another week, another update.

Gonna have to make do with drawing book pages this week folks.

They are pretty random – especially the middle one, which is my regular exercise of grabbing 6 random words and doing a drawing of what ever pops into my head when I red each of them.

Also posted a 4 page strip (previous post). Which was based on a dream I had about a cherry tree growing out of a recently deceased person – the dream also had some dude with sheep skulls for heads, but I only had a 4 page allocation so had to bin them! I might do more on them another time.

Hope you like the drawings, see you next week!


Weekly update: Cold rain warm head blues.

How are ya’?

Usual “sketchbook” gubbins this week, except there is a phone doodle.

I call my drawing book a “sketchbook” but don’t really have a sketchbook as such.

My daily drawing book is mostly a minimum of a complete drawing per day in ink. No preliminary pencils etc. I do occasionally sketch things out on random paper but most of my sketching these days is done on my mobile phone.

I got a Samsung Galaxy Note at the start of the year and absolutely love the s-pen. Having a means to get precisely ideas down and rough out layouts on the go is fantastic.

Last night my train home was delayed and it was pouring with cold rain. So I went to a nearby pub and grabbed a beer. Must have done twenty or so wee random drawings on the phone sat in a warm corner. Might have had more than one beer too!

The first image here is one of those – a wee demon type chap. I did a quick tone/ colour in Gimp for this one.

Next two images are standard Nulshy fare straight from the pages of the DRAWING book! Both based on dream imagery: starry cat-men, water pistols, stomping on sea creatures… you know, the usual!

See you next week cheeky chops!