Put the boot in!!!

Well looky here!

Hope yer’ well.

To business! Above is a random drawing from a REAL sketchbook! By that I mean just random sketches, which I am starting to do again. Was actually trying out a new pen my son got me for my birthday. Really enjoying the difference from my usual pens.

Damn I love simple lines!

Here’s yer’ selection of drawing book pages…

…if yer’ a regular visitor you’ll be familiar with random drawing book malarkey. Looking at these now they are exactly that: random malarkey.

This week I was still drawing comics, but still don’t have the thumbs up to share any of that. Same goes for my character work which is under NDA.

What I can share is this drawing I did for my mates Hank29, for their new EP doncha know. Top geezers!

The Boot’s on the other foot

Until next week folks!


Between the devil and the deep blue Nulsh.

Cheer up dude!

Hey there folks!

Hope all is well.

Been another mad week. Been drawing so much! It’s gonna kill me if I lose all this drawing time. I am filling books full of random stuff, but also refining existing ideas in the process.

I have also started to compile all the rest of my outstanding strip cartoons and start getting them completed, with a view to self publish them or put them online. Possibly here.

Also, this week, I was working on character sketches for a sitcom – which I can’t publish currently. Really enjoyed doing those. They were a quick turn around, but it’s a good challenge to balance quality and speed.

And here’s the sample pages from the drawing book…

As ever these are random drawings – each one just being what my hand started drawing. I have noticed over the last few weeks a hell theme, flames and devils and the like.

Not entirely sure what that is telling me!

Heh heh! More to come!

Take it easy!


Weekly update: “There is only one way to save a dying star.”

Hey there!

How ya’ doin’?

Good I hope!

Above is a panel from a strip I randomly drew in a sketchbook and I am now compelled to carry the story on. I have had some really dodgy suggestions from my mates as to plot outlines but I fear those will put me in jail. So I will persevere on my own!

Below are the daily drawing book samples for this week. These are pretty much all random drawings. The jungle fever one was definitely a dream about a woman riding around on a huge lizard – which talked obviously!

Most of this week was spent on new comic strips which I am looking to start posting regularly – but I am still weighing the best platform. Thinking Instagram initially, but I will need to make a decision by next week.

Will post some of them here too.

That’s me for this week. Short and sweet!

Take care!



Bappy Hapday

It’s only my bloomin’ birthday!
I luvs boithdays I does!
To commemorate the day (apart from the obvious national holiday) above is a wee animated GIF of our old friend Coffee Bun in full party mode.

And I meant to post this next picture a few weeks back. It’s a picture I did for an exhibition I was in at the People’s Palace in Glasgow many years ago. This picture was bought by/for the splendid James Stewart for his 30th birthday. And hangs on his studio wall. The picture (triptych)  is based on the song Burning Big Louis Tonight as performed by the Sensational Alex Harvey Band. I got such a buzz out of the fact James treasures my drawing. Cheers James!


And breaking tradition (coz it’s my birthday, did I mention that already?) here are the usual weekly samples from the drawing book…

…as ever these are daily random drawings.

First (“boss“) was pure spontaneous drawing, no real clue where it was going as pen hit paper!

Second (“under cover“) was a mental dream with this crazy lady riding about on an elephant hidden under a white sheet – and she got mad when anyone enquired as to why she was hiding an elephant, screaming that it wasn’t an elephant and to mind your own bloody business!

Last is Jack! Whose surname I forgot, but I better find it quick as he is due to make an appearance in a strip I am working on!

Right, I am off to play Splatoon – pretty sure Nintendo organised the first Splatfest in months to coincide with my birthday! Wee diamonds so they are!

Catch you next week!


Weekly update: Hell’s Pizza! Every Tuesday!


Hope yer’ well!

Straight to descriptions on the these sample drawing book pages!

The ‘hell’s belle’ was a completely random drawing – I kinda’ saw it in my head as I started putting pen to paper. I would normally just go with my usual one colour and a shadow, but this was screaming out for the burning effects, like those old mondo images! I reckon she looks just swell!

The ‘pizza’ was random, but a betting man would guess I’d had pizza the night before!

‘every tuesday’ is the ‘Maddy’ from my The Devil at Pasta & Dry Goods story. I had been messing with his look for ages, but when it was time to commit him to paper I had to go with something! He actually turned out much more memorable than what I started out with. From memory I think I had doodled the basic look on my phone before drawing him in my book.

Below are sample panels from a new story I started work on last week, can’t really post too much on this at this point!

See you next week!





Weekly update: Aaaargh! The Jaggies!

Hey there amigos!

How goes it? Good I hope.

I am later than normal this Saturday – but rest assured I have been a busy boy.

Been working flat out to meet a couple of deadlines. Been really enjoying all this drawing!!!

Unfortunately I can’t post any of that stuff just yet.

Above are the usual drawing book pages – I was having a chuckle when I was scanning Jaggies and memories flooded back of the hangover I had when I was drawing it. Hence the “jaggies”!

And “some assistanc” was me running out of space with the lettering stencils! Fud!

Below is a picture of my current workspace. Using a spare room in the house (lucky to have one currently) as due to the lockdown I can’t make use of my studio in Glasgow city centre. Can’t wait to get back!

I have my trusty clipboard for drawing on – I got it all the way from Japan. It is brilliant! Can’t believe something so simple can make such a difference!

Take it easy folks!


Weekly update: Ascend to the Eye of Truth™!!! Ascend! Ascend!

Hey there amigo! Still survivin’? I hope so.

So as I was doing my usual Saturday morning scanning of my drawing book pages, and getting ready for this update, it dawned on me that the Saturday update was due to the fact it was the only time of the week I had a chance to catch up on creative work.

These last few weeks I could’ve been doing updates on any given day.

But I kinda’ like the ‘routine’ of the Saturday mornin’. And I am gonna stick to it fer’ now.

Usual pages above – there seems to be a fantasy theme on the first two. Not really intentional! Not something I do much to be honest, but I have always had a hankerin’ to do a proper Fantasy story – in an attempt to recreate the sense of wonder I used to get out of reading such works in libraries as a boy.

Also wanted to post an old image this week – but just realised I don’t have permission right now, hopefully next week.

In the meantime here’s yer’ old pal Coffee Bun! This was a design for a takeaway coffee cup.

coffee bun

Keep safe folks! Catch ya’ next week.




Weekly update: Wake thee oh my Mother Bee!

Hello there!

How goes it?

The strange days keep coming! Hang in there folks!

Here’s yer’ usual drawing book pages – I am actually still posting drawings from March I think, I am really filling this current book. Each and every day I sit and do a spontaneous drawing.

Two of these are exactly that, but looking at the ‘dream or reality‘ one I knew that came from a weird disturbed sleep I had the other week – kept hearing a helicopter or a buzzing in my room. When I got up to check I could see anything.

In the morning we discovered a huge bee. Which is safe to assume was the culprit. But I couldn’t distinguish between my dream or what the ‘real’ noise was.

The bee was OK, but sluggish, as it was cold. We gave her some sugar water in the morning and she was up and away in no time after that.

Other activities this week were:

  • More storyboards.
  • More strips – one of which may be getting published in an anthology – will post more deetz as I have them.
  • More animated gifs! Like this fella…


Keep safe mi amigos!

See y’all next week!




Weekly Update: The fear of no beer, and eating a spanner.

Hello again amigos!

How was your week? Strange days yes? Just hope you and yours are doing OK.

I had another week in lockdown – but still getting creative work done. Which I thought would be easier than non-lockdown, but I was wrong dammit!

Recent drawing book pages above – and I hope you appreciate all the thought that went into me using the same two colours on these. Surely my design award is in the post!

So these maybe subconscious or coincidence but themes are:

  1. Fear of no beer
  2. Getting annoyed at those in close proximity
  3. Eating (or being eaten!)

Totes think I am onto something there.

There were more storyboards this week too, and I am now moving back on to those stories I mentioned before. Hopefully have some of that to show you next week.

As ever, keep safe!

Bye fer’ now.


bongo kong animated2

And as a bonus here’s a wee animated GIF as I needed the practice in GIMP. Bongo Kong smokin’ a tab!


Weekly update: Salute the buzzin squid!



Hope yer’ well. Tough times huh!

Being stuck in the house isn’t a huge issue for me as I have worked from home for many years – and also drawing is pretty much shut in a room doodlin’. I am conscious I sometimes get too carried away and ignore my family – so make a point of wandering around the troops to ensure I ain’t pissin’ anybody off!

Yer’ usual drawing book examples from this week are above. The squid ones was a punchline to a joke I heard when I was a kid! The others are yer’ usual Nulshy nonsense!

This week I have been also concentrating on some music projects and some storyboards.

Examples of storyboards below. These are for an animated series I am looking to pitch – starting out with a short trailer to illustrate how the series might look. I’ll post more from other projects in the coming weeks.

Keep safe!