“A little water clears us of this deed.”

Damned Spot!

An early morning coffee drawing. The previous night I’d been talking with my daughter about our love of Macbeth, and in particular Lady Macbeth.

I’d always been fascinated with the thought of supressing guilt so far down only for it to manifest in hallucinations and apparitions.

Must’ve been in my head as I started drawing fuelled on caffeine.

Conceptually speaking.

Wee Fiona needs to suit up for her stroll. The 3D printed breathing mask stops the spores getting into her lungs. The rubber jacket was becoming more patch than jacket.

This is a quick character rough for a thing I’m working on. I’m obsessed with gasmasks!

Sketch for Eugene.

Say “cheeeeeeeze!”

I don’t really ‘sketch’ much. Over the years I’ve tried to get as spontaneous and vibrant as possible and have attempted to avoid too much sketching/ under drawing. In a hope that the line I commit to has that ‘feel’ that I crave!

I have been doing a wee drawing exercise with my buddy Eugene recently and he sends me sketches that I ink. And I was about to send him a sketch when I realised my ‘sketch’ probably didn’t show too much. So I had to work into it a bit more. It’s kinda scrappy but I quite like it. Might have a go at inking it myself and see if can refrain from over embellishment!