Flipped Winky!

Hellooooo! Sorry for lack of recent posts! Again!

I am still busy. Been on a big project that I’ve had to sign NDAs and other confidentiality type agreements for. And unfortunately, I can’t share any of that work here. In fact, I might NEVER be able to share that work!

I do have similar agreements. I did some work for a games company back in 2000 and I am still unable to share that work. It was just a few character designs, but I was really pleased with how they turned out.

Also did similar work for a TV series, but that may be appearing soon, and I should be free to share my drawings once it is.

Gotta respect those legal documents amigos!

The image above is a drawing book excerpt – full image was a tad rude! Only realised when I came here to post. Full image on Twitter or Instagram.


I have been getting back on with comics this week.

Still to find a process I am completely satisfied with. But I do seem to be getting there.

My trade off with digital comic creation has always been spontaneity versus a crisp finish.

Still, I am getting more and more happy with the results. Looking back over my ‘traditional’ comic pages, I may have a go at changing my working page size for the digital work (to get closer to the ‘feel’ of the traditional work).

Will post more.

Enjoy yer’ Friday!