Judge me not!

So I’ve been a bit lapse with the ol’ blog recently. And last week’s visits were the lowest I think I have ever had!

Y’all reap what y’all sew! Bad Nulsh! Bad!

In my defence, recently I have been investigating Patreon and other options for showing and selling artwork and strips. So I have purposely held back posting a few things here in case I piss on my own chips etc. Which is never good.

Above is an illustration for a story I am currently working on. This one was only actually to test how the colour might look online. Looks OK I suppose.

Keep in mind I am on Twitter and Instagram – using @nulsh on both. And I post a miniimum of twice a week.

Take it easy amigo!

“Lasterday I was been bad.”

Mother Nature’s Little Helper.


Huge apologies for the lack of posts recently.

I have loads of stuff I am dying to show ya’!

Patience my pretties, patience.

I am still posting drawings (like the sketchbook doodle “Mother Nature’s Little Helper” above) regularly on Twitter and Instagram – both are @nulsh.

I’ll get more up here shortly!

Keep strong amigos!


(“Lasterday I was been bad” was an album by the band Happy Flowers – I always liked that title!)