I’ve got the stylus it takes!

What witchcraft is this?!

Hey there!

Hope yer’ well!

Mine is a tale of woe!

Stylus woe!

I may be exaggerating about the woe bit.

My current stylus is wearing down. I’ve had it three years, so no biggy. But I have had no luck sourcing replacement tips. And got a bit pissed that I’d have to buy a completely new stylus.

So in a wee fit of disgruntled-ness I bought a really cheap stylus (with three extra tips! Yass!). I didn’t expect much, but thought I could possibly even use the tips?

The stylus was not great. Compared to my main stylus the pressure sensitivity was poor (feast or famine!), and there seemed to be almost no tilt variance. But the line is precise, definite, and BOLD!

So I have been drawing with it all week. All the drawings here were done with it.

I still am not too happy with the linework, but I feel that way about all digital drawing, but it has been great fun to play with all the nuance and un-subtlety!

Gonna keep using it. Probably get another new stylus too, Just in case!

FYI my missus despairs at my fixation with drawing implements.


Take care amigos, speak soon.


Here’s lookin’ at ya’!


As promised here are some more recent flyers…

…actually surprised how colourful that one in the middle is! I tend to keep colours to a minimum, must have eaten something funny (like paint?) that week!

And I normally have loads of teeth! What was I on that week!

Heh heh!

Laters amigo!


Fly my pretties! Fly!

Chun the Unavoidable! Scary enough fer’ Halloween?

Greetings mi amigo!

Hope you are all well.

Each week I I try to do a ‘flyer‘ to attract attention to this here blog. And I have grown to really enjoy doing them. Generally I will grab three excerpts selected from the drawings I have done in a given week.

Then it dawned on me I don’t post those flyers here. Time to remedy that amigos. Here are a selection of recent flyers…

So these are set up 600×600 so they are easy to post on Instagram – can sometimes look a bit iffy on Twitter, but you can click into see the whole image on Twitter. No such option on Instagram. I can’t be arsed creating two separate flyers, which I did initially, so I go with this square format.

I quite like them! I’ll post more shortly, I had a clear out recently and binned loads of JPGs.

See you next week for more riveting Nulshy shenanigans!


Accepting the warmth.

Hey! How ya’ doin’?

This week I had to do a whole bunch of digital work (using Clip Studio Paint). As I use drawing software often I am used to them, I especially like Clip Studio Paint.

But I generally feel there is a degree of compromise on the line work – can’t seem to be consistently happy with the digital lines.

But this week I had a bit of a break through. I had a bunch of quick drawings to do (after a LICAF Workshop by the amazing Steven Appleby) and didn’t really think too much about achieving the spontaneous simple lines I crave. On looking at the results I was quite pleased.

So I had a wee splurge of warm up drawings and I am definitely in the happier camper camp now.

The difference here seems more about my attitude than my technique. Blimey!

I still need to get a pen nib I am happier with too. Been thinking about customising them, but that goes against my ethos of “making the most of what is available”!

We shall see.

Bye fer’ now amigos!


“Lasterday I was been bad.”

Mother Nature’s Little Helper.


Huge apologies for the lack of posts recently.

I have loads of stuff I am dying to show ya’!

Patience my pretties, patience.

I am still posting drawings (like the sketchbook doodle “Mother Nature’s Little Helper” above) regularly on Twitter and Instagram – both are @nulsh.

I’ll get more up here shortly!

Keep strong amigos!


(“Lasterday I was been bad” was an album by the band Happy Flowers – I always liked that title!)

All quiet on the Nulshy front!


Hello folks! Apologies for the lack of posts recently!

I’ve been flat out out and most of what I am working on I cannot post as yet.

Above is a drawing book page – displaying my peculiar aversion to perforated notebook pages! I hates them I does!

And below is a wee warm up doodle I did this morning as I tried to get my son out of his bead and off to work! Stress!!!

Coloured in Gimp in around 20 mins and I have an issue with my Layers – which turned out to be a happy accident. Quite pleased with how this wee doodle turned out.

Quite often great results come from a complete lack of thought!

Heh heh!

Back to proper posts next week! Honest guv!


Yaaaaaaaawn! Sunday mornin’!

Instant Noodles Take Away the Dark

Well howdy!

To business! I published a new strip on my Instagram account this week called “Fear of Thowl“. And it seems to work OK on Instagram, I can post 5 pages split two images from each page (top and bottom) which gives me ten images.

This seems to read quite well – although any feedback would be great – and I am looking to post in 5 page instalments going forward.

In the story I revisit my Instant Noodles Take Away the Dark malarkey, which first appeared in my strip Seeing In the Dark.

The noodles are used to ward of the ‘darkness’ and I am oddly starting to find lots of ways to incorporate them into my Nulshyverse!

They actually stem from my big story The Devil at Pasta & Dry Good (and Other Stories). Which is mostly based in and around a supermarket and used things found there – things like noodles.

I also love instant noodles! The Kimchi ones a current favourite!

Time to boogie amigos, I’ll leave you with a couple of drawing book pages!

Take care.


Let’s talk strips!

Star from the Sea (page 1)

Hello there. Gonna focus on strips this week.

Above is the first page from my strip Star from the Sea. I submitted it to Creators for Creators back in May. Don’t think it’s gonna be used so I am looking to publish the whole shebang online. The Creators for Creators idea is great – anything that supports new comics being created gets a thumbs up from this guy!

This particular story came about in a total flash, as I had to get up in the middle of the night to ask my son to shut the fuggup (he was online gaming with his buddies with a headset on and he gets a tad carried away!).

On my groggy way back to my room an idea popped into my head about a fisherman returning home in his boat, he is shaken up after having had a fantastic encounter in the middle of the ocean, and returning with a “gift” from the sea,

The story quickly escalated in my head – with names, set pieces, etc. so I jotted as much as I could in my phone (those Galaxy Note phones are a godsend!). And next morning I made a start on the story. Within two days I had the plot summary, story outline, and the first five pages completed.

Next up is my strip Fear of Thowl which I have had mulling about in my head for years. The Mr. Thowl character actually came about from a poster I did for Lach’s Anti Hoot in Edinburgh.

Fear of Thowl (page1)

It’s quite common for me to draw a character spontaneously and then to start creating stories and situations surrounding them. Which is what happened with Mr. Thowl.

I have loads of pages inked that just need scanned and collated (oh, and tones/colour adding!). I’ve been working with A4 pages for each half of what becomes an A3 original page. It’s a working practice I started for convenience years ago (when I travelled a lot) but has now become my main way of creating strips.

This story should also end up being published online. I am still debating the best options!

Below are some drawings from this week. Drawing book pages and the middle one is a very quick illustration I did in my big sketchbook, featuring Zachary and Mr, Thowl from the above mentioned story.

Take care and I’ll see you back here in a week!

Awra best!


Staring at the rude Nulsh!

An excerpt from a sketch page I did this week. Totes odd.

Hello there! How ya’ diddlin’?

So let’s get started with the usual drawing book pages…

…usual malarkey! My daily drawing book now looks really uniform with me adding a ‘frame’ and occasional text with a stencil I picked up on a whim. Quite nice to flick through it.

I am actually only a few pages away from the end of my current book, with it’s replacement waiting in the wings. I often ponder ‘do I need to keep a daily drawing book going?’ – as it was initially intended to ensure I put down an image or an idea every day. But now that I draw so much is it necessary?

The answer is still YES for now. When I flick through the books I stumble across ideas and stories I had completely forgotten about. So it has become not only a discipline but a means of stockpiling ideas.

Wonder if I will still be of the same mind when this next book is finished. A book lasts around 6-7 months (using the books I currently use). We shall see.

I have also been reviewing my ‘promotional’ options – by that I mean posting on Instagram and Twitter. I don’t get a lot of interest via Instagram so I am looking to restrict posts on there to more of a gallery, and potentially create a new account to post strips as it accommodates 10 pages per post. Simon Hanselmann does a great strip with ten panels each post – like a wee episode. Works really well. (Careful, Simon’s work contains adult content! Lots of it)

I’ll keep twitter as is for now, but gonna dial back on posting the daily drawing books pages.

Here is a commission from this week – sorry it’s a tad rude!

Catch you next week amigo!