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Spontaneous doodlin’.

16aug book page excerpt

Open the book and start drawing! Just noticed the stitching! Oops.


Sugar snap peas in Doncaster?!?! @thewiremagazine


sugarsnap peas

I listen to music all the time when I draw. And sometimes what I am listening to appears on the page. Random play threw up a track from the Wire Tapper about sugar snap peas in Doncaster. Pretty sure that was Stewart Lee doing the talking.





Moebius books from Dark Horse

moebius on Dark Horse


Hmmm what to draw

hmmm what to draw

Digital frenzy!

Got me a fancy new laptop recently. Has the drawing screen/ pen technology malarkey. Just getting some doodling in. Having a blast. I may even do some proper work!

concrete fog


paper doodle

Grumpy ol’ moon!

Grumpy Moon

Sculptris is free 3D modelling software, and it is excellent. I constantly find myself making wee mad faces, like this. Takes minutes.