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What was that?!

What was that!


Finished another drawing book! Yass!

Finished another book real slow2

Installed Blender yesterday to try out Grease Pencil. Been years since I used it, forgot what a great package it is!!! (@Blender_org)

Blender Grumpy Moon

This is the basic interface I was familiar with. Will post some of my Grease Pencil efforts when I get up to speed!

Scary Halloween doodle!


Doodlin’ in Clip Studio Paint.

Tearing the arse out of perforations…


My new (ish) drawing books have perforations on the last few pages. I am not a fan of perforated pages as the buggers can fall out. But I do seem to be obsessing about this. Maybe need to get a grip.


Here’s drawings I did for @WFMU Wake n’ Bake Art Auction in New Jersey this Saturday coming. With top host @ClayPigeonWFMU

NULSH Drawings for WnB auction

Saturday 20th! Not Friday as originally stated. I’m a fud!

It’s gotta be cherry pie!!!

cherry pie

Or cherry “peh!” if yer’ high up on the East coast!