Moon Moth

As per my earlier post – here’s some more stuff I’ve drawn in my daily book based on stories by Jack Vance.

This was the first story I read called the Moon Moth – which I stumbled across as I’d used a Moon Moth (called Martha!) in one of my own stories.

The image above is the main character in the story who dons the mask of a Moon Moth as he is slowly getting used to living in a culture where no-one shows their true face – ever. In this scene he has just been dissed by a chap wearing a Troll mask.

The culture is based on etiquette and incudes small instruments that accompany speech. Everything in the culture stipulates one’s social standing.

Even animals wear masks. The image below is of a large fish being used to tow house boats. The slaves who wrangle the fish wear basic masks only.

This story isn’t set in the Dying Earth as mentioned before.

I noticed a chap called Humayoun Ibrahim has done a graphic novel based on the Moon Moth – his artwork is really nice. I couldn’t find a website or blog to link to – but click his name will take you the book on what I assume is the publishers site.