More Tales of the Dying Earth


Whilst recovering from my surgery recently I managed to get a fair bit of reading done. I finished the Tales of the Dying Earth collection I’d mentioned before.

And the imagery is still pretty clear in my head – I’ve actually marked out a few illustrations for the “full treatment” which I’ll return to.

Here’s a couple of drawings I did in my daily drawing book – derived from the final book in the collection “Rhialto the Marvellous”.


Demon nostrils!

More drawings based on the Tales of the Dying Earth by Jack Vance. I’ve quite a few of these in my drawing book now!

This is another from the Guyal of Sfere story. What we have here is a rather creepy demon who has been attempting to enter the world. So far he’s managed to get his head through. He emits phantoms from his nostrils! Which I thought was pretty cool!

Chun the Unavoidable

Addendum: Here is a more recent drawing I did of Chun. My original post is below it. Enjoy!

chun the unavoidable background

The original post…



This little charmer is my interpretation of  “Chun the Unavoidable” who has the pleasure of being immortalised in my daily drawing book.

Ol’ Chun is a character in the Tales of the Dying Earth book by Jack Vance. Look at his cloak – it has eyes on it!!!

Mr. Vance is completely new to me – but I am currently loving these great episodic stories. The premise is great – the earth is dying (title was pretty spot on huh?) and our future is the far flung past.

The moon has gone completely! And the dying sun occasionaly flickers out and then flickers back on again!

Magic is everywhere – and it’s funny because I haven’t read a “fantasy” story in a long, long time. And this book has really grabbed me.

I actually came across Jack Vance via a short story called the Moon Moth – as I used my own Moon Moth in my story Moon Face Marvin. I did some drawings of this story too- which I’ll post shortly.

I love his matter of fact punchy writing – I can see this world so clearly in my head.