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Random image 3 of 15



Random image 2 of 15


Random image 1 of 15


First of the random images – changed the direction of the profile, mainly as one of my go to drawings is always a left facing profile. So in an extreme reaction I switched it to a right facing profile. I’m pleased with the line work.

15 Random images

Back in February sat in Southampton airport I drew these 15 random thumbnails – each the first thing that came into my head. With a view to create a line drawing of each in my daily drawing book.



On the surface all is calm, but underneath…

duckYeah, sorry for the lack of posts recently. I’ve been a busy boy though – so don’t let the blog inactivity suggest idleness. Normal service is resumed.

Doodling while on a phone call.

envelope doodeFound a pencil and an envelope, ran out of white bits.


Uh-oh! I’ve gone and done it this time!



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