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Just chattin’.


Some ‘proper’ drawing – with pens and paper n’ that.

Richard Corben is 75!


Happy Birthday Richard!

Mr. Corben is a huge inspiration to me. I first saw his work (I didn’t realise he did the famous Bat out of Hell cover that I’d seen many times) when I was 12 on my trips to The Science Fiction Bookshop in Edinburgh.

I picked up a copy of Heavy Metal comic and Corben’s work jumped out the page at me. I quickly started trying to grab as much of his work as possible. Eating up the amazingly realised worlds and his singular vision – and damn he can draw! I think the main thing that gets me from Corben’s work is how alive everything is.

Oddly though, for all the fantastical work I enjoyed, my favourite Corben work is the Underground stuff. Some really life affirming subversion in there – and those amazing wee sci-fi and horror shockers are amazing.

I wanted to do a post on Corben – but didn’t have pen or paper to hand, so these wee Corben inspired doodles were done on my phone on the train home.

Here’s one of my 12 year old self being blown away!


Turns out the Barber had been a Spy all along.


He knows where YOU live!

WhereYou Live

A phone doodle. Drawn as I was squished between my fellow commuters from Glasgow to Edinburgh.

Sketching on my phone

I’ve never been one for sketchbooks. I love drawing – but through the years I have tried to avoid “sketching” – thinking (rightly or wrongly) that it can inhibit spontaneity.

This last year as I have taken on a new role in a business start-up, which is rewarding but my regular drawing has been really impacted. Hence the lack of posts on the old blog dudes!

So i draw whenever I can these days. Started messing about on my phone on train journeys. I used to like doodling on my old Nokia 5800 years ago. But this last 5 years or so my phones have really increased in functionality etc. – but have gone in favour of “swipe friendly” screens – that didn’t have the precision of the 5800 screen. So I gave up using my phone for drawing – but then I discoved the fibre-tipped stylus! Way better than the rubber tipped ones.

I find myself just sketching away to my heart’s content.

It’s not truly accurate – but it can have some great results. Here are some screengrabs – using a Nokia Lumia 830 and a Bamboo Stylus Solo 3 – the drawing package is Chalkboard – which has really good lines.

scribbles scribbles3 scribbles2


Thing is – because of the “clunkiness” it’s actually giving me a fresh slant on drawing – and when I go back to pen on paper it’s a blast! Toggling between the two has been great these last few months.

I love sketching now.
I was given a Windows tablet for my birthday and I’ve started drawing on that too – will post some results shortly.


Rented a tent

Seeing in the Dark

Hey. Here’s a wee strip that was originally published in the excellent INK + PAPER a few years back.

SITD_page01         SITD_page02SITD_page03SITD_page04SITD_page05SITD_page06SITD_page07SITD_page08SITD_page09SITD_page10


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