Weekly update: Cold rain warm head blues.

How are ya’?

Usual “sketchbook” gubbins this week, except there is a phone doodle.

I call my drawing book a “sketchbook” but don’t really have a sketchbook as such.

My daily drawing book is mostly a minimum of a complete drawing per day in ink. No preliminary pencils etc. I do occasionally sketch things out on random paper but most of my sketching these days is done on my mobile phone.

I got a Samsung Galaxy Note at the start of the year and absolutely love the s-pen. Having a means to get precisely ideas down and rough out layouts on the go is fantastic.

Last night my train home was delayed and it was pouring with cold rain. So I went to a nearby pub and grabbed a beer. Must have done twenty or so wee random drawings on the phone sat in a warm corner. Might have had more than one beer too!

The first image here is one of those – a wee demon type chap. I did a quick tone/ colour in Gimp for this one.

Next two images are standard Nulshy fare straight from the pages of the DRAWING book! Both based on dream imagery: starry cat-men, water pistols, stomping on sea creatures… you know, the usual!

See you next week cheeky chops!

Weekly update: Dreaming of zipper fiends and phantom pains.

Hey kiddie winkles! How are ya’?

So in a slight change this week I have set the post to appear on Saturday as I will be in Leeds for the weekend.

These three drawings are all from the drawing book, and are all based on dreams. And I’ve just noticed they are all blue-ish!

First up this rabbit like robot was running around a jungle – it actually had a gun and was shooting people. But I had drawn it early in the morning and some of the dream came back to me after the drawing.

Second was weird. I dreamt I had really bad pains in my stomach, and I woke up with them. But I don’t know if I did have pains or I dreamt them. I was fine when I eventually got up proper.

Last was a guy wearing a balaclava with zips for eyes and mouth. I recall the mouth zipper looked like it had loads of tiny wee teeth.

No more roasted cheese suppers for this guy!

Next week amigos! Next week!


Weekly update: The rise and fall of Mr. Merriell Sparx.

Hey folks! Late again this week!

Some stuff from last week then.

Random drawing that I quite liked – I just sat down with a pen and a blank page and drew this. Quite often I don’t really get subconscious stuff until I’ve looked at the drawing a few times. Some times I never know what it is about!

The second drawing was inspired after I’d just read an article on a skeleton found in Prague Castle. Apparently it had been used as an Aryan symbol by the Nazis after they invaded, and subsequently used for propaganda by the Communists after they rolled on in. I like how no one actually knows for sure who it was or their origin.

Last is Mr. Sparx. A character I have been trying to fit into my Bunny Headlit story for a while. Took me a while to get happy with him. Especially his leather hood protrusions. I had been messing around on my trusty Telecaster when I realised that the guitar jack plug would be an ideal solution! Serendipity dudes! Serendipity!

When I put these three drawings together I was aware of their autumnal colours! Sweeeeet!

Catch y’all next week!

Weekly update: Float away with an abbreviated rudeness.



I am late this week! Shocker!

Gonna be quick!

These examples are all from the daily drawing book:

First I had called “time to go” which was the usual spontaneous drawing straight to ink. Looking at it now I realise it was inspired by “A Drifting Life” by the wonderful Yoshihiro Tatsumi. Which is a wonderous memoir from a fantastic comic creator and describes the world he grew up in – post WW2 Japan. If you create comics I can’t recommend that book enough.

Second we have Bunny Headlit flipping the bird. He does that. Bunny started out as a name I made up and quite liked, his appearance has changed quite a bit. And although he started out as a main character he has taken a back seat to several others who populate the story I created surrounding him.

Last was another spontaneous drawing – and I wanted to add a word. So I asked Alexa for a random word. She reliably informed me that ‘abbreviate‘ was a random word. Cheers Alexa!

I love doing the quick Gimp colours of the sketchbook page. I can do them in around 15 mins, sometimes quicker. Limit myself to one colour and have a grey ‘tone’ layer (with usually 50% opacity) above it and see what I can do with it. I might post the process I use – could possibly help yer’ insomnia!

Until next week comrades!

Nulshy boy

Weekly update: Bongo Kong gets his hair dyed!


Hello kiddies!

Here is some gubbins from last week.

Bongo Kong was an illustration I did for a Spotify Playlist based on a track of the same name by Nectarine No.9 – a band I am quite fond of. The image popped into my head on a train journey as I was listening with da’ headphones. I am quite pleased how like the mental image the actual drawing was. The original illustration had Bongo Kong with orange hair – which for some reason I changed to red here.

Also, I think technically BONGOS are two drums – I got one, but it does say bongo (singular) so I maybe correct!

Next two are the some drawing book pages from the week.

The wee guy with wings on his head is a character from the story Witherton Smyte I did twenty years ago! And recently I have started a new story including those old characters. Will post more as I progress.

Last we have a lady carrying what appears to be an injured wee critter – this would have been completely spontaneous drawing around 630am – I can barely recall drawing some of these!

See you next week amigo!

Weekly update: The dreams of a burrito fiend.



Bonjour cheeky chops! How are ya’!

Here’s some wee snippets from last week.

First up is a panel from a strip I did, titled: Best Bib and Tucker. It was really spontaneous (after deliberating where to go for a few days!) I am hoping to expand upon it. For the record, I do love burritos.

Second is a drawing book page featuring Bunny Headlit. A character I messed around with years ago. The chap looking on from the tree is Mr Thowl – who was used originally for a poster for the brilliant Lach when he had his Anti Hoot in Edinburgh. “Hoot” was the springboard for Mr Thowl’s owl bits! Now then, the bearded chap in middle! I cannot remember what I named him!!! It will be in one of my daily books, I’ll need to go back and check.

Last is an excerpt from one of my daily drawing books – which, to be honest, was just filling a space at the bottom of the page. Yet I like how it looks. Simple. That’s me!

Until next week amigo!