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Yesterday’s drawing book page…

drawing book 200318

Drawings from early morning commute plus Brian’s monkey arm phenomenon!


Doodle frenzy!!!



Doodlin’ like a dafty in Clip Studio Paint.

Clip Studio drawing



So with some initial tweaking on both Clip Studio and the Parblo tablet the drawing feels really natural now. These could easily be doodles out of my notebook.

Clip Studio comic pages


The panel (frame) options are a breeze! The masking and layer management options are nice too.

Clip Studio colouring

sci fi wee

Glad I got that out my system! Clip Studio default tools are great. This took something like 10 mins.

Finding my way around Clip Studio and new Parblo tablet


Drawing looks really natural. I’m like a kid with a new toy!

I luvs drawing I does

drawing book feb18

Doodles from dreams in ma’ book!