Nulsh’s Lunchtime Theatre

I was messing about with layouts and stuff yesterday and did this cover for Nulsh’s Lunchtime Theatre.

Lunchtime Theatre was the title I used for my collected mini short comic strips back ‘in the day’. At that time (around 20 years ago) I had to commute between Glasgow and Edinburgh every day. Up at 5am Mon to Fri. Was pish!

On the commute, which was the train when I was flush, but mostly the 900 Citylink, I would rough up my story idea for that day.

I got in the habit of creating a 4 page strip each time. Which could be a complete strip or an epsiode for a longer strip.

The reason for 4 pages was that I could reproduce each one on a single sheet of A4 via photocopying. Folded to A5 there would be 4 pages.

The origanl drawings were done on 4 individual A4 sheets which I’d swipe from the photocopier. I would draw them on my lunchbreak. Hence ‘Lunchtime Theatre’.

I’d collect the 4 pagers with a card cover and sell them at zine fares and the like, My first collection was titled ‘Hens Teeth’, which I thought was clever until I realised loads of creators had used that before me.

Anyhoo. I am resurrecting Lunchtime Theatre with the strips I have been accumulating in recent years.

An online offering seems to be the way to go – but I do like seeing my stuff printed.

We shall see.

You’ll be the first to know amigo.

Take it easy.


Judge me not!

So I’ve been a bit lapse with the ol’ blog recently. And last week’s visits were the lowest I think I have ever had!

Y’all reap what y’all sew! Bad Nulsh! Bad!

In my defence, recently I have been investigating Patreon and other options for showing and selling artwork and strips. So I have purposely held back posting a few things here in case I piss on my own chips etc. Which is never good.

Above is an illustration for a story I am currently working on. This one was only actually to test how the colour might look online. Looks OK I suppose.

Keep in mind I am on Twitter and Instagram – using @nulsh on both. And I post a miniimum of twice a week.

Take it easy amigo!

Nulshy strips! (phwoooargh! etc.)

This last few weeks I have been drawing spontaneous wee strips on my tablet.

Quite enjoyable, but I am looking to try and channel this spontaneity into something more ‘focused’. Which kinda’ sounds like a contradiction now I say it out loud.

I enjoy digital drawing, but I am not always satisfied with the strips I have created this way. Would be good to get a happy medium between the convenience of drawing digitally and more structured strip work.

Above is a sample page from a strip I started when I found a cat wandering around the house. I’ll post the whole strip here – although this blog isn’t always best suited to posting strips over 4 pages or so.

I may be missing a trick but.

Gonna grab a beer and have a think!

Cheers amigo!

Big eyed beans from Venus in monochrome.

Recently added portfolio page.

Earlier today there was a freelance role I threw my hat in the ring for.

The role was looking specifically for examples of black and white drawings.

I realised I have become really colourful in recent years and hardly had any B+W samples in my portfolio. Yet I draw with black ink ever day.

Had to knock up a quick page (above).

I like how it looks. Nice n’ simple likes.

Some fantasy nonsense for ya!


A warm up doodle in Clip Studio Paint from this morning. Haven’t drawn this character for a long time.

When I was a lad I was heavily influenced by Richard Corben and Moebius – and pretty much all I wanted to do was draw intense adventure comics!

Sometimes wish I was still that lad. Great fun drawing this stuff.

Clip Studio Paint would have been a godsend back then, I think this whole drawing was done in 20 mins and I can chop and change colours and effects as much as I care to.

This particular character never had a name. He appeared along with his flying steed in the underground / stoner comic Northern Lightz. The Northern Lightz folks were a top bunch!

Happy days etc.

Personality Crisis.

Meet P. B. Enjay. Or rather an initial sketch of what Mr. P. B. Enjay might look like.

Unusually for me I am not 100% happy with how this character looks. Normally I start drawing and the characters create themselves, then I normally run with them and see where they are and what they do.

But ol’ P.B. here has become troublesome. He sprang from a dream I had about a young office worker (also a comic creator) who discovers an older colleague of his (our P.B.) is actually a pioneering (but long forgotten) cartoonist.

I’ve drawn him a few times, but so far not getting that ‘snap’ that I’ve nailed it. Problem is I have no visual reference as it was part of a dream. All I gots is a ‘feel’ about the guy.

I do like the Boba Fett clip on the shoestring necktie. I may keep that.

When I nail him I shall post it here.