I have been getting back on with comics this week.

Still to find a process I am completely satisfied with. But I do seem to be getting there.

My trade off with digital comic creation has always been spontaneity versus a crisp finish.

Still, I am getting more and more happy with the results. Looking back over my ‘traditional’ comic pages, I may have a go at changing my working page size for the digital work (to get closer to the ‘feel’ of the traditional work).

Will post more.

Enjoy yer’ Friday!


Way out in the universe, where black turns to blue, there is a giant orb. It has no substance. Only a perfectly uniform white outline indicates it’s presence.

From out of this crisp clean outline other equally crisp lines shoot out into the void.

Perfectly straight. Never wavering. Determined in their singular purpose.

Floyd awakes.

The shock of appearing in random places has long gone.

He is in a bed.

Next to him lie a couple. They appear to be in their final embrace. Both men. Both dead. Although it does not appear they have been dead long. Or have they? Nothing makes sense anymore.

What with it being the end of days.

How long will he be here before he reappears elsewhere?

Will this be the final time?

Why does he still exist?

Shouldn’t the bed be warmer?

Outside, he hears cats wailing. Hundreds of cats. Thousands maybe? Millions?

From out of the bedroom wall appear three crisp white lines.

They head directly for Floyd and his new companions.


Fantasy? Aye lad.

Hey there! How are ya’?

I had to do some ‘fantasy’ stuff today. I don’t really do much of this nowadays. But I do love creating characters.

The reason I had to do this was that some of my recent character design work was under NDA / confidentially agreements, so I couldn’t use any for a contract I was pitching for. So I created three characters and did basic character design drawings for them.

Last night whilst playing Splatoon (with a drop of red vino) I came up with three names and rough scribbles on my mobile phone. Today I did the drawings above based on that.

Was great fun.

I have more colour on the finished pieces ( the General has a bold red uniform doncha’ know!) – but I love seeing the basic blue drawings together.

Life’s simple pleasures!

Until next time!

Take it easy.


Nulsh’s Lunchtime Theatre

I was messing about with layouts and stuff yesterday and did this cover for Nulsh’s Lunchtime Theatre.

Lunchtime Theatre was the title I used for my collected mini short comic strips back ‘in the day’. At that time (around 20 years ago) I had to commute between Glasgow and Edinburgh every day. Up at 5am Mon to Fri. Was pish!

On the commute, which was the train when I was flush, but mostly the 900 Citylink, I would rough up my story idea for that day.

I got in the habit of creating a 4 page strip each time. Which could be a complete strip or an epsiode for a longer strip.

The reason for 4 pages was that I could reproduce each one on a single sheet of A4 via photocopying. Folded to A5 there would be 4 pages.

The origanl drawings were done on 4 individual A4 sheets which I’d swipe from the photocopier. I would draw them on my lunchbreak. Hence ‘Lunchtime Theatre’.

I’d collect the 4 pagers with a card cover and sell them at zine fares and the like, My first collection was titled ‘Hens Teeth’, which I thought was clever until I realised loads of creators had used that before me.

Anyhoo. I am resurrecting Lunchtime Theatre with the strips I have been accumulating in recent years.

An online offering seems to be the way to go – but I do like seeing my stuff printed.

We shall see.

You’ll be the first to know amigo.

Take it easy.