Sup and scribble!

Not sure if I’ve posted about Drink n’ Draw here before. It is every second Thursday. Organised by the great folks at Gosh Comics and Broken Frontier.

Conducted via Twitter a guest creator selects three drawing prompts. Individuals have 30 mins to submit their interpretation of each prompt. Post your image with the hashtag #GoshBFDD.

I really enjoy it. Having to imagine and complete the drawing in the time frame is a great challenge.

It pays not to get too hung up on the actual drawing, I’ve drawn some really iffy stuff. But also done some pieces that I have been quite pleased with.

A storyboard flyer.

This is from a year or so back. When I was doing the majority of my contract work digitally. It’s odd, I had mixed feelings about drawing digitally back in the day. now I don’t even think about it.

That said, sitting down with traditional drawing tools (especially pencil!) is such a joy. I still draw in my daily book with pens each day. But I am looking to do my next strip traditionally in ink and wash. I bloody luvs doing that!