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Update 14th August. Drawings from last week and an embarrassing love of clipboards!


So then, what we got?

First up, the rather sinister cat was an early morning doodle. I kinda’ like him (pretty sure it’s a him!). Possibly to be used in later stories.

Then there’s my new A3 clipboard I got from Japan! You won’t (want to) believe how excited I got when this arrived. It does allow me to work on drawings while I am at home (away from my studio).

Another sketchbook malarkey featuring Coffee Bun, who seems to be creeping up everywhere nowadays. Was listening to the new album by Bill Callahan. Been writing down song lyrics in my drawings since I was a boy.

And that last detail was from a drawing I did last week – I accidentally removed the red colour tints and I quite like how it looked. So I darn well posted it!

Ah’m aff ma’ heid!


Some drawings from last week! Fill yer’ boots! (Heh-heh, wasn’t until I put them together that I realise how similar the middle two are!)




Nulshy blog activity! Some drawings from last week.



These are all sketchbook pages with a wee dab of colour. Oh, and a phone doodle when I was having a beer. Reminiscent of of one of the weird librarians from Star Trek TOS (heh-heh “TOS”!)

Nulshy Blog update!!! Some drawings from last week.


Blog update! Yass! Some recent Nulsh activity!


Here’s some recent drawings. (I’ll need to sort out Blog and Twitter posts to avoid duplication)

Warm up doodles and sketchbook stuff.


Another drawing book bites the dust, roughly 200 pages of doodles, thoughts, and daydreams. On to the next one!

finished drawing book 140619